An Atomic host is a minimal system that is designed to run containers. On an Atomic host, you don’t install additional software via the traditional package management tools. The software running on the host is provided by composed upstream RPM content.

Because of this, everything running on an Atomic host should be running inside a container. In this article we are going to show you how to deploy both libvirtd and libvirtd-client onto a Atomic host and how you can deploy virtual machines with that configuration.

Scenario 1: libvirtd in a container

A libvirt installation on a single node, like a laptop, has become rather trivial theses days. Users can, for example, issue a reasonably simple yum command and install a KVM environment that only needs a few tweaks to become runnable. That simplification has masked the primary components of KVM like libvirtd, libvirt-client, virsh, and qemu. The basic Atomic deployment has none of these.

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