Building the Next Generation Container OS

Use immutable infrastructure to deploy and scale your containerized applications. Project Atomic provides the best platform for your Linux Docker Kubernetes (LDK) application stack.

Project Atomic introduces Atomic Registry — a free and open source enterprise container registry. Manage your containers without third party hubs.

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Atomic Host

Based on proven technology either from Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the CentOS and Fedora projects, Atomic Host is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications.

To balance the need between long-term stability and new features, we are providing different releases of Atomic Host for you to choose from.

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Atomic App and Nulecule

With Atomic App, use existing containers as building blocks for your new application product or project. Using existing containers to provide core infrastructure components lets you focus more on building the stuff that matters and less time packaging and setting up the common plumbing required.

Define your Atomic Apps with the Nulecule specification to compose and distribute complex applications.

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Atomic Registry

An enterprise Docker container registry solution run on-premise or in the cloud.

Atomic Registry uses 100% open source technology to provide enterprise features such as role-based access control (RBAC), diverse authentication options, a rich web console, flexible storage integration and more.

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Community News

Fedora Atomic April 18 Release

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree commit:

Commit: 9f0b576461f4baa2b5749003a8628fbf0a456942f37e17a9ceabdb29fc014b0e
Version: 25.108

This release replaces the scheduled release from last week that was delayed due to a kernel regression. We plan to return to our regularly scheduled release process by performing a release next week as well.

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Contribute to the Atomic Host Documentation!

Project Atomic is changing rapidly and documentation needs to follow the pace of development. That’s why we need your help!

The new documentation is going to be maintained through the Atomic-host-docs repository, which uses AsciiDoc as markup language and AsciiBinder to build the documentation pages. More importantly, AsciiBinder will allow us to produce both Fedora Atomic and CentOS Atomic documentation from the same source repository using a concept called distros.

Our plans for the documentation include a complete revamp of the current pages, per our outline in the repo. The Atomic Host docs should eventually completely cover installation and setup, quickstarts for trying it out, deployment of Kubernetes and/or OpenShift clusters, and how to compose your own OStrees and deployment.

That’s where you come in. We need help writing docs, and converting docs and blog posts from other sources into the new documentation structure. Read further for how to set up for a doc build.

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