Deploy and Manage Your Docker Containers.

Project Atomic integrates the tools and patterns of container-based application and service deployment with trusted operating system platforms to deliver an end-to-end hosting architecture that's modern, reliable, and secure.

Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Atomic Hosts are now available for download.

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Trusted Distributions, Atomic Updates

An Atomic Host is a lean operating system designed to run Docker containers, built from upstream CentOS, Fedora, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux RPMs. It provides all the benefits of the upstream distribution, plus the ability to perform atomic upgrades and rollbacks — giving the best of both worlds: A modern update model from a Linux distribution you know and trust.

Learn how rpm-ostree brings atomicity to your favorite Linux distributions.

Secure Production Containers

Running containers in production systems demands strong safeguards — especially in multi-tenant environments. Atomic Hosts use SELinux to protect and confine Docker containers with strict mandatory access control inside Linux Container namespaces.

Find out how SELinux and Docker work together to keep your applications secure.

Portable and Scalable

Docker containers can easily move across environments — from a developers laptop to a production host, or even across operating systems. Atomic hosts include Kubernetes for orchestration and management of containerized application deployments, across a large cluster of container hosts.

Learn about how Kubernetes can manage your Dockerized applications.

Unified Management from Containers to the OS

Containers are elastic and dynamic, and you need management that is just as dynamic. Atomic includes a preview of Cockpit, a new administration tool Linux serves via a Web browser. Cockpit allows admins to manage storage, services, and inspect journals straight from the browser. Cockpit also allows you to directly inspect your containers and images. Atomic also makes it easy to integrate your existing monitoring infrastructure in privileged containers.

Find out how Cockpit can ease container management.

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