Create and Run Applications in Linux Containers

Create your application using Docker containers. Deploy and manage containerized applications on a proven, trusted platform.

Project Atomic introduces Atomic Registry — a free and open source enterprise container registry. Manage your containers without third party hubs.

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Atomic Host

Based on proven technology either from Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the CentOS and Fedora projects, Atomic Host is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications.

To balance the need between long-term stability and new features, we are providing different releases of Atomic Host for you to choose from.

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Atomic App and Nulecule

With Atomic App, use existing containers as building blocks for your new application product or project. Using existing containers to provide core infrastructure components lets you focus more on building the stuff that matters and less time packaging and setting up the common plumbing required.

Define your Atomic Apps with the Nulecule specification to compose and distribute complex applications.

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Atomic Registry

An enterprise Docker container registry solution run on-premise or in the cloud.

Atomic Registry uses 100% open source technology to provide enterprise features such as role-based access control (RBAC), diverse authentication options, a rich web console, flexible storage integration and more.

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Community News

GSOC Atomic, Cockpit Students Selected

The students have been selected for Google Summer of Code 2016. Through the Fedora Project, Project Atomic has three students who will be working on projects this summer:

We are very excited to be participating in GSOC with Fedora, and are looking forward to the amazing things these students will do.

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Atomic App 0.5.0 Released!

This is a major release of Atomic App where we introduce a new CLI command as well as the renaming of multiple provider configuration parameters.

The main features of this release are:

  • Introduction of the atomicapp init CLI command
  • Renaming of provider configuration related parameters
  • –provider-auth added as a CLI command

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