Create and Run Applications in Linux Containers

Create your application using Docker containers. Deploy and manage containerized applications on a proven, trusted platform.

Project Atomic introduces Atomic App — an implementation of the Nulecule specification, which lets you manage multi-container applications and orchestration metadata as easily as you manage RPMs.

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Atomic App

With Atomic App, you can use existing containers as building blocks for your new application product or project.

Databases, web servers, and other common components are vital parts of applications and services. Utilizing existing containers to provide these core infrastructure components lets you focus more on building the stuff that matters and less time packaging and setting up the common plumbing required.

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Nulecule /NOO-le-kyul/ (noun)

Nulecule is a made-up word meaning "the mother of all atomic particles". Sounds like "molecule". But different.

Also a specification for applications composed from multiple containers. Check it out on Github below, or read through the Getting Started -guide if you want to know more.

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Atomic Host

Based on proven technology either from Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the CentOS and Fedora projects, Atomic Host is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications.

To balance the need between long-term stability and new features, we are providing different releases of Atomic Host for you to choose from.

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Community News

Report on the Container Keynote Panel from LinuxCon EU 2015

At LinuxCon Europe 2015 from 5-7 October, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Project Atomic’s Joe Brockmeier moderated a panel discussion between Tom Barlow from Docker, Sebastien Goasguen of Citrix, and Brandon Philips from CoreOS about containers.

As you may know, the technology underlying containers is not new and that a big part of the innovation provided by Docker and others is essentially an easier way to package and access this technology. However, there are key questions ahead as the technology continues to mature and transcend the it’s just packaging idea. I didn’t transcribe the entire session, but I wanted to call out a few of the exchanges and how they affect various roles.

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Updates to running a sysdig SPC to troubleshoot containers

In a interesting coincidence, the same day we posted the super privileged containers post using Sysdig, the Sysdig team announced support for Atomic hosts. You can take a look at that announcement for how sysdig does it’s magic on an Atomic host and which Atomic hosts are supported.

So no more need to build your own sysdig container for your Atomic clusters, you can use the offical builds. Here’s what that looks like now.

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