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Buildah - build your containers from the ground up!

Since I’m relatively new to the world of containers and images, I was excited to learn about the Buildah tool. Especially since I’m a native New Englander and it’s a clever play on how we say Builder in these parts.

Buildah is a newly released command line tool for efficiently and quickly building Open Container Initiative (OCI) compliant images and containers. Buildah simplifies the process of creating, building and updating images while decreasing the learning curve of the container environment. It is easily scriptable and can be used in an environment where one needs to spin up containers automatically based on calls from your application. What’s really neat is there is no requirement for a container runtime daemon to be running on your system chewing up resources and complicating the build process.

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Buildah Blocks — Getting Fit

Like many other Americans, I am fighting the battle to stay fit and I’m not always winning. Staying fit can also be a problem in the container environment. A common problem people have with building container images with tools like Dockerfile and the run-time-based docker build command is the size of the image, as well as the number of build tools that end up inside of it. Another concern about these unnecessary tools is they can weaken your container by opening potential venues for hackers to take advantage.

A really nice feature about Buildah is you can strengthen your container making it “stronger and more fit”. By finely tuning the creation of the container, and then adding or removing pieces as you desire, you can control the size of your container and lessen its vulnerabilities. It’s all under your control.

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Buildah Blocks - OCI Shell Game

I’ve always been fascinated by the three shells and a pea game that street hustlers have used for years to make a bit of coin. I love watching a talented person running the game, but I know better than to bet on it! However, playing the game with Buildah leads to everyone being a winner.

I had a bit of time to play, so I tried out a variant of the shell game with Open Containers Initiative (OCI) containers. I made a quick example showing how you can create an OCI image with Buildah, saved the image to a repository on Docker Hub and then used both Docker and Buildah to run that image from Docker Hub. Nothing terribly fancy, but the video does illustrate that Buildah is OCI-compliant and the images it creates can be used by other OCI-compliant technologies.

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Buildah Alpha version 0.12 Release Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the release of Buildah Alpha version 0.12 on both Fedora 26 and Fedora 27. As always, the latest Buildah can also be acquired from GitHub for any other Linux distribution.

The Buildah project has been building some steam over the past several weeks, welcoming several new contributors to the mix, launching new functionality and creating a number of improvements and bug fixes. The major highlights for this release are:

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