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Set Up Remote Access for Docker on Atomic Host

This post will describe how to set up remote command-line access for the Docker daemon running on an Atomic host. This will let you run docker ps, docker run and other commands from your desktop and manage a server.

We are also going to secure the Docker daemon with TLS (transport layer security) since we are connecting remotely. Before you carry on with the following steps, keep in mind that any process on the client that can access the TLS certs now has full control of the Docker daemon on the server and can do anything it wants to do. So, only copy those certificates to client hosts completely under your control.

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Kubernetes is back in Fedora Atomic 25 base

TL;DR: If you are a production user of Kubernetes on Fedora Atomic Host, you can now upgrade to Fedora Atomic Host 25. Kubernetes 1.4 is part of the base image now.

Per our previous announcement, we wanted to make a change to Fedora Atomic Host, and in concert with the Kubernetes community move to an entirely containerized install of Kubernetes, which would make it easier for users to choose their Kubernetes version or distribution. However, some of the upstream technical issues with that change will take longer than we expected to resolve. As such, we have added Kubernetes and Flannel back into the base image for Fedora Atomic 25, as of today’s OStree.

If you are a production user of Fedora Atomic 24 with Kubernetes, you may now rebase and upgrade. Please make sure to go directly to the 2016-12-21 or later OSTree image, skipping any earlier ones for version 25.

Do note that the version of Kubernetes which ships with version 25 is Kubernetes 1.4.6. As such, you should test to make sure no incompatibilities have been introduced by the Kubernetes upgrade before rebasing production servers. While the goal of the Kubernetes project it to maintain complete backwards compatibility, there may be minor exceptions, especially for specific addons.

At this point, we plan to transition to containerized Kubernetes for Fedora Atomic Host 26, in mid-2017. At that point, we expect the bugs to be worked out, and will be providing a migration guide. If you can help with testing and feedback, please do so through our online community.

Users of Fedora Atomic Host who do not use Kubernetes or Flannel will be largely unaffected by these changes.

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