Articles from Trishna Guha

Containerization and Deployment of application on Atomic host with Ansible-Playbook

This mini-tutorial describes how to build Docker image and deploy containerized application on Atomic host using Ansible Playbook.

Building Docker image for an application and running container/cluster of containers is nothing new. But the idea is to automate the whole process and this is where Ansible playbooks come in to play.

Note: You can use any Cloud/Workstation based Image to execute the...

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Automate Building Atomic Host

Project Atomic hosts are built from standard RPM packages that have been composed into filesystem trees using rpm-ostree. This guide provides an example of automating building and testing new Atomic Host ostrees.

One of the primary benefits to Atomic Host and OSTree has been the ability to configure once, deploy many times using custom OSTree images. But the process for doing so wasn’t streamlined or well-documented. I’m helping change that. I’m going to describe how to build atomic host in automated way. At the end of the article you’ll be able to create VM from QCOW2 image which is going to boot your own OSTree. The VM can also be used for testing Atomic Host releases (please feel free to open an issue if you find anything).

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Contribute to the Atomic Host Documentation!

Project Atomic is changing rapidly and documentation needs to follow the pace of development. That’s why we need your help!

The new documentation is going to be maintained through the Atomic-host-docs repository, which uses AsciiDoc as markup language and AsciiBinder to build the documentation pages. More importantly, AsciiBinder will allow us to produce both Fedora Atomic and CentOS Atomic documentation from the same source repository using a concept called distros.

Our plans for the documentation include a complete revamp of the current pages, per our outline in the repo. The Atomic Host docs should eventually completely cover installation and setup, quickstarts for trying it out, deployment of Kubernetes and/or OpenShift clusters, and how to compose your own OStrees and deployment.

That’s where you come in. We need help writing docs, and converting docs and blog posts from other sources into the new documentation structure. Read further for how to set up for a doc build.

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