Users or adminstrators may want to change kernel arguments of Atomic Host for various reasons. Previously, it was hard for the users due to many of the steps involved, and the harmful consequences that can occur if users accidentally make a mistake in the changing process.

In this post, I want to introduce a command (rpm-ostree ex kargs) that allows users to change kernel arguments on Atomic Host. This command simplifies the process of changing kernel arguments. This command also lies beneath rpm-ostree, and because of that, it benefits from many of the cool features from rpm-ostree. One of them is rpm-ostree rollback, which can allow users to undo their old changes they do not want.

Note: This command is still experimental, so if you have seen any unexpected behavior happening, please report an issue to rpm-ostree. This post also requires some knowledge of Atomic Host and rpm-ostree, please bear that in mind when reading this.

Let’s demonstrate some of the options that can be done with this command!

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