The Atomic project aims to build a welcoming and diverse community around the various components needed to compose, deploy and manage Atomic hosts and applications inside.

The Atomic project relies on several open source projects as the building blocks used for the project. For the hosts it relies heavily on linux kernel features, the systemd system and service manager, OSTree and rpm-ostree for updates, Docker for application deployment, kubernetes for orchestration, and of course the various targeted Linux distributions. The Atomic community will work toward development of the Atomic project in an inclusive way by contributing to the related upstream projects, solving integration issues in the various distributions being used and developing the specific management tools needed for management and system updates.


The project hosts a few mailing lists, one for general discussions on the project and user feedback, one for technical discussions as well as patch exchanges and reviews, and a low traffic list for announcements. If you're interested in the work we're doing on Nulecule and composite apps, join the Container-Tools mailing list.

A dedicated forum is also available for asking questions and sharing answers.

We also hang out on the Freenode IRC servers in the #atomic channel.

Report Issues

To report issues and get community help it is a good idea to first consult the related forum.

If you have a well identified issue, report it in the Bugzilla hosted by Red Hat. Remember: first check existing issues, then enter a new bug. We appreciate your bugs!

Check the Code Out

The code source and build recipe used to generate Atomic hosts are hosted on the projectatomic repo on GitHub.

The source to build this web site is available there, as well as code for rpm-ostree, anaconda, and Docker image examples.

How to Join and Help

There are many ways to become part of the Atomic community: discuss technical options on the list, answer newcomers' questions in the forum, take part in the development of the upstream projects we use, help us integrate into the existing distrbutions Fedora and CentOS. You can also help us to port Atomic so that it can use different formats or be usable on other distributions. Can't code? Help us by contributing documentation. Can't write docs? You can still help us by spreading the word to friends, posting on social media, or by telling User Groups about Atomic.

Atomic is a work in progress. Join now and help us to shape its future!