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Getting Started with Buildah

I’ve been working with Linux containers at Red Hat since OpenShift used cartridges. With the help of some colleagues in Redwood City, I built a Red Hat MRG Messaging (Qpid) broker cartridge. When OpenShift moved to Docker, in 2013, I contributed all the original Docker man pages. I also got to contribute some of the original content to the Project Atomic web site (this site).

I’m very excited to see the Project Atomic efforts in the area of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and specifically Buildah. After trying out the great work that the team have contributed, I discovered I had the start of a pretty useful introductory tutorial, and decided to see if I could contribute that content upstream. That pull request was merged recently. So let’s get started.

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Fedora 26 Atomic Host October 30 Release

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree commit:


This release of Fedora 26 Atomic Host will be our last Fedora 26 based release. We will start releasing Fedora 27 based Atomic Hosts from this point forward.

The most notable changes in this release are a new version of the kernel and ostree.

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Atomic Events October 2017

Project Atomic contributors and projects will be represented at many events in October. If you’re coming to any of these events, drop by and say hello!

All Things Open: Charlie Drage will be presenting Kompose: Going from Docker Compose to Kubernetes and Beyond. It’s likely that he and Dusty Mabe will also be around the Red Hat booth; drop by.

Open Source Summit Europe: Tomas Tomecek will be presenting From Dockerfiles to Ansible Container and Stef Walters will be presenting Training Machines to be Open Source Contributors. Also, while not strictly part of Atomic, Container Migration looks pretty cool. Plus, come visit the Red Hat booth where Cockpit contributors will demonstrate the latest releases of the most modern server GUI.

Usenix LISA: On Sunday, you can choose between two workshops: Mark Lamourine’s Container Hosts: CoreOS and Project Atomic and Ryan Jarvinen’s Hands-on Intro to Kubernetes We will also have a BOF on the evening of Wednesday, November 1st on Migrating to Containers, OpenShift, or Atomic Host. Join us in the Garden Room at 7pm. Then on Friday you can learn about OpenSCAP with Martin Preisler and Marek Haicman. Plus, we’ll have Atomic Host and OpenShift contributors at the Red Hat booth.

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Fedora 26 Atomic Host October 16 Release

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree commit:

Commit: d518b37c348eb814093249f035ae852e7723840521b4bcb4a271a80b5988c44a
Version: 26.150

The most notable changes in this release are a new version of the kernel, kubernetes, rpm-ostree and dnsmasq. The dnsmasq update fixes quite a few CVEs. Click through for a complete list.

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