This release of Atomic App introduces the new atomicapp index command.

We add this command in order to give a quick overview of all available featured and tested Nuleculized applications on The ability to generate your own list is available as well with the atomicapp index generate command.

The main features of this release are:

  • Addition of the atomicapp index command
  • Correct file permissions are now when extracting Nuleculized containers
  • OpenShift connection issue bugfix

atomicapp index

This release adds the addition of the atomicapp index command. By using the atomicapp index list command, Atomic App will retrieve a container containing a valid index.yml and output all available Nulecule containers. This index can also be updated by using atomicapp index update.

atomicapp index list

Outputs the list of available containers located at ~/.atomicapp/index.yml.

▶ atomicapp index list
INFO   :: Atomic App: 0.6.2 - Mode: Index
ID                        VER      PROVIDERS  LOCATION                                             
postgresql-atomicapp      1.0.0    {D,O,K} 
flask_redis_nulecule      0.0.1    {D,K}
redis-atomicapp           0.0.1    {D,O,K}      
gocounter                 0.0.1    {D,K}  
mariadb-atomicapp         1.0.0    {D,O,K}    
helloapache-app           0.0.1    {D,K,M}                  
mongodb-atomicapp         1.0.0    {D,O,K}    
etherpad-app              0.0.1    {D,O,K}   
apache-centos7-atomicapp  0.0.1    {D,K,M}     
wordpress-atomicapp       2.0.0    {D,O,K}  
skydns-atomicapp          0.0.1    {K}             
guestbookgo-atomicapp     0.0.1    {O,K}        
mariadb-app               0.0.1    {D,K}     
gitlab-atomicapp          1.2.0    {D,K} 

atomicapp index update

Updates the index.yml file.

▶ atomicapp index update
INFO   :: Atomic App: 0.6.2 - Mode: Index
INFO   :: Updating the index list
INFO   :: Pulling latest index image...
INFO   :: Skipping pulling docker image: projectatomic/nulecule-library
INFO   :: Copying files from image projectatomic/nulecule-library:/index.yaml to /home/wikus/.atomicapp/index.yaml
INFO   :: Index updated

atomicapp index generate

Generates a valid index.yml file to use in listing all available containers.

▶ atomicapp index generate ./nulecule-library
INFO   :: Atomic App: 0.6.1 - Mode: Index
INFO   :: Generating index.yaml from ./nulecule-library
INFO   :: index.yaml generated

Want to get started using Atomic App? Have a look at our extensive start guide, or use Atomic App as part of the Atomic CLI on an Atomic Host.

For a full list of changes between 0.6.1 and the 0.6.2 please see the commit log.