Want to help make Fedora Atomic Host even better? Join us tomorrow for the Fedora Cloud Test Day, where we’ll be banging on the Atomic Host image for Fedora. As always, we’re looking for many hands to help put the image through its paces.

To participate tomorrow, you’ll need a system with Vagrant, libvirt/KVM, or access to OpenStack or another IaaS that can consume the qcow or raw images for Atomic.

Grab the image from the wiki, and then check out the test results page to see the tests you should run and report the results. “

We also encourage freestyle testing as well, so if you have use cases that go beyond the described tests please do put the image through those tests as well.

Found bugs? Be sure to report them on Bugzilla.

Everyday is Like Test Day

To (badly) paraphrase Morrissey, every day is like test day. If you can’t make it tomorrow, no sweat. You can play along at home any time.

Fedora nightlies are listed on Adam Williamson’s site. Grab the most recent images and have fun!

Communicating During and After Test Days

We’ll have folks watching #fedora-test-day on Freenode, and (as always) folks in #fedora-cloud and #atomic. If you have questions, or think you can help others, please join in!

Also, there’s always the cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org mailing list for additional conversations around the Fedora Atomic Host images. Please sign up, and feel free to chime in any time with questions, comments, suggestions, or to raise a hand to help out. See you on Test Day!