As Fedora ramps up for the final Fedora 21 release, scheduled for December 9th, we want to make sure that all the components and variants of Fedora get a proper testing. To that end, the Fedora Cloud Working Group is holding a Fedora Test Day on Thursday, 20 November.

Please join us in the #atomic channel on Freenode if you have questions, or shoot us an email to

Things to test:

  • Booting the image
  • Docker functionality (everything fro pulling images to running, making changes, committing images, etc.)
  • atomic (rpm-ostree) upgrade and rollback
  • Cockpit
  • Kubernetes

We will have test cases on the Fedora wiki and you are (of course) encouraged to come up with your own tests!

The test day image can be found here. Note that this is a test candidate, not a final release. Expect that things will change between now and the final release.