Talks by Community Members

You may find videos and/or slides from talks about Project Atomic and related subprojects here.


Dusty Mabe, Josh Berkus: Catching Up With Atomic: Retrospective & BOF


See the full list on Youtube.

Dan Walsh: Latest Container Technologies

Antonio Murdaca: Secure your Kubernetes cluster with CRI-O

Chris Houseknecht: Ansible Container : Build Better!

Patrick Uiterwijk, Randy Barlow: How Fedora’s solving the container rebuild problem

Miroslav Suchý: Catching Bugs In Containers

Bill Peck: Lessons Learned Implementing Builder Containers

Huamin Chen, Dennis Keefe: Container Image Storage Compression and Dedupe

Atomic Host/Workstation

Matthew Micene, Giuseppe Scrivano: Moving to Atomic System Containers

Sanja Bonic and Colin Walters: You want a Clean Desktop OS? Containerize it. Slides

Jan Pazdziora: Minimizing workstation installation

Kalev Lember: Atomic Workstation Slides

Jonathan Lebon: Fearless Upgrades with Fedora Atomic Workstation Slides

Colin Walters: Hybrid image/package OS updates with rpm-ostree Slides

Peter Robinson: Using Fedora and OSTree for IoT