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Fedora VFAD about Container Guidelines

The Fedora Atomic Working Group had our second Virtual Fedora Activity Day (VFAD) last Friday in order to resolve a number of issues and policy questions with the Container Guidelines. Our decisions will be of interest to anyone submitting software to the Fedora Layered Image Build Service (FLIBS), as well as anyone who runs their own public open source registry. Among those we discussed were versioning, labeling requirements, help files, volumes and systemd in containers.

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Fedora Atomic March 1 Release and Security Fix

The latest Fedora Atomic Host bi-weekly release now available. Per the prior Fedora Atomic blog post, OSTree updates and biweekly releases are now fully synchronized. We have also added latest links to make downloading the most current version simple.

As this release contains a security update, users of Atomic Host are urged to update their systems as soon as they can. It fixes CVE-2017-6074: DCCP double-free vulnerability.

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