Atomic Registry

An enterprise container registry solution run on-premise or in the cloud

What is Atomic Registry?

Atomic Registry is an open source enterprise registry based on the Origin and Cockpit projects, enhancing the Docker registry library.

Read the documentation to learn more about installing and using Atomic Registry.


Beautiful User Interface

Based on the Cockpit Project , Atomic Registry features a user-focused web interface with views for administrators and basic users.

Integration Ready SSO

Built-in OAuth server to integrate with enterprise and cloud identity providers for a single sign-on (SSO) user experience.

Security and Control

Robust role-based access control (RBAC) to distribute images securely, allowing administrators to select an access model that works for their use case.

Other Features

  • Full API and CLI
  • Flexible storage options
  • Designed for clustering and high availability

Try It

Follow the Quickstart instructions to try it out.





IRC: #atomic or #cockpit channels on Freenode



Getting Help

Be sure to check out out the documentation.

  1. Check the list of known issues
  2. You may find discussion on Github issues pages. For usability and user interface questions see the Cockpit issues list. For backend server issues (API, CLI, authentication, storage, etc) refer to the OpenShift Origin issues list.
  3. Send an email or ask a question on the #atomic IRC channel on Freenode.