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Reintroduction of Podman

Podman (formerly kpod) has been kicking around since last summer. It was originally part of the CRI-O project. We moved podman into a separate project, libpod. We wanted Podman and CRI-O to develop at their own pace. Both CRI-O and Podman work fine as independent tools and also work well together.

The goal of Podman (Pod Manager) is to offer an experience similar to the docker command line - to allow users to run standalone (non-orchestrated) containers. Podman also allows users to run groups of containers called pods. For those that don’t know, a Pod is a term developed for the Kubernetes Project which describes an object that has one or more containerized processes sharing multiple namespaces (Network, IPC and optionally PID).

Podman brings innovation to container tools in the spirit of Unix commands which do “one thing” well. Podman doesn’t require a daemon to run containers and pods. This makes it a great asset for your container tools arsenal.

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Buildah Alpha version 0.12 Release Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the release of Buildah Alpha version 0.12 on both Fedora 26 and Fedora 27. As always, the latest Buildah can also be acquired from GitHub for any other Linux distribution.

The Buildah project has been building some steam over the past several weeks, welcoming several new contributors to the mix, launching new functionality and creating a number of improvements and bug fixes. The major highlights for this release are:

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Fedora 27 Atomic Host February 16th Release

In this week’s release of Fedora Atomic Host we have a new kernel, Atomic CLI, and runc.

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree update:

Version: 27.81

  • Commit(x86_64): b25bde0109441817f912ece57ca1fc39efc60e6cef4a7a23ad9de51b1f36b742
  • Commit(aarch64): bb5bc5afbf27333a70c1f3bf8d0117baa45e862e0440be5c779cd5f0bb35aab4
  • Commit(ppc64le): e484af3c5a5c88c0de486eee195dff4c6c7ef41d07c41b5d356305db237066d7

We are releasing images from multiple architectures but please note that x86_64 architecture is the only one that undergoes automated testing at this time.

Existing systems can be upgraded in place via e.g. atomic host upgrade or atomic host deploy.

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An Introduction to Fedora Atomic Workstation

For the last few Fedora releases, the Workstation WG has been working on combining the best of the Project Atomic pattern with the Fedora Workstation Edition into a deliverable dubbed “Fedora Atomic Workstation”. In Fedora 27, we have reached a point where we feel comfortable inviting other developers and enthusiasts to try it out and even make it their daily driver.

Read on to discover what Fedora Atomic Workstation is, what its benefits are, and how you can get started today!

Note: this blog post is based on a talk I gave at 2018. Head over to YouTube if you’d prefer listening to it.

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