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Podman and insecure registries

Podman and insecure registries

The last few weeks, we have had a number of bugs and questions about how to pull from an insecure registry. The obvious advice here is that you should always be using a registry which implements tls-verify. But if you are a container or image developer or you are just plain breaking new ground, your registry may not use tls-verify. And Podman can handle this; and I wanted to spend a minute or two explaining how it does and the logic behind it.

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A remote API for Podman

Podman grows a remote API using Varlink

Podman up to now has been a simple CLI for managing pods and containers. But I wanted to allow other tools like Atomic CLI and Cockpit to interact with the pods/containers created by Podman and other tools. Execing a CLI tool to do this and screen scraping the output never quite works, so we wanted to add an API. But I did not want to add a daemon to implement a restAPI. #nobigfatdaemons.

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Fedora 27->28 Atomic Host Upgrade Guide


This week we put out the first release of Fedora 28 Atomic Host. Some quick notes:

  • For Fedora 28 we are using a unified repo that will serve up the Fedora 28 Atomic Host and Atomic Workstation content. This includes all the content for the multi-arch platforms aarch64 and ppcle64.

For today we’ll talk about updating an existing Fedora 27 Atomic Host system to Fedora 28. We’ll cover preparing the system for upgrade and performing the upgrade.

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Fedora 27 Atomic Host April 20th Release

Fedora Atomic Host Version 27.122 update is available via an OSTree update:

  • Commit(x86_64): 931ebb3941fc49af706ac5a90ad3b5a493be4ae35e85721dabbfd966b1ecbf99
  • Commit(aarch64): 837cd0c5e3a5656316ebf6142315ac107c8592d5c8d64a02e8a62919eee9f46f
  • Commit(ppc64le): a1f565d73f1f1b6f6d7ef992251f21a704c4a8de40c41fc62be69c5ec2a65329

We apologize for the delay in getting this release out the door. As a bonus for the wait we have AMIs that are available in additional regions (ap-northeast-2, ap-south-1). We’ll be adding additional regions (the remaining missing regions) next release.

Additionally, this will most likely be our last release of Fedora 27 Atomic Host. Very soon Fedora 28 will be released and we will be picking up with our releases in the Fedora 28 stream. We will have plenty of announcements and content around Fedora 28 release time so watch this space for that!

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