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Open Source Ecosystems dude for Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards team. Worked on SourceForge back in the day.

Announcing the Nulecule Specification for Composite Applications

UPDATE: Nulecule and Atomic App are discontinued.

Those of us in Project Atomic have been creating a platform-neutral specification, called Nulecule (noo-le-kyul), to help developers and admins build and launch composite, multi-container applications. You’ll find an excellent description of the problem and our solution at the RHEL Blog.

We’ve also created Atomic App as a way to run these applications using the Nulecule spec. If you just want to dive in and do stuff, just follow those links and go crazy. Read on for more.

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El-Deko - Why Containers Are Worth the Hype

Video above from Kubernetes 1.0 Launch event at OSCON

In the above video, I attempted to put Red Hat’s container efforts into a bit of context, especially with respect to our history of Linux platform development. Having now watched the above video (they forced me to watch!) I thought it would be good to expound on what I discussed in the video.

Admit it, you’ve read one of the umpteen millions of articles breathlessly talking about the new Docker/Kubernetes/Flannel/CoreOS/whatever hotness and thought to yourself, Wow, is this stuff overhyped. There is some truth to that knee-jerk reaction, and the buzzworthiness of all things container-related should give one pause - It’s turt^H^H^H^Hcontainers all the way down!

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