Heading to the SouthEast LinuxFest this weekend? If so, be sure to stop by the Red Hat booth to pick up some Project Atomic shirts and stickers!

If you’re looking about talks relevant to Atomic, you can catch my talk on Saturday All You Wanted to Know About Linux Containers at 2:45, or Containers and the Future of Open Source Software Delivery on Sunday at 11:30.

Michael Solberg will be speaking after lunch on Sunday (1:30) on Streamlining Agile Linux Development with Docker and RHEL Atomic.

Also interesting, though not directly related to Atomic, Tom Callaway and Ruth Suehle will be talking about Raspberry Pi on Saturday at 1:30, Tom Callaway will be covering How to Understand FOSS Licenses without a Lawyer at 5:15 on Saturday, and Brian Proffitt will deliver It’s Metaphors All the Way Down on Sunday at 2:45.