A quick note for folks who might have missed the announcement yesterday, Fedora 22 was officially released, along with Atomic images for OpenStack/KVM, Amazon EC2, and Vagrant.

The Vagrant images are suitable for VirtualBox and libvirt/KVM, so they’re usable on Linux (libvirt), or Mac OS X and Windows (VirtualBox) with the appropriate Vagrant providers. Josef Stříbný has written up a short tutorial on using Vagrant images on Fedora 22 on Fedora Magazine.

Of course, Fedora 22 also includes the Workstation and Server editions – and the Fedora 22 Docker image will be available via the Docker Hub very soon.

Questions or feedback on the Fedora 22 Atomic host release? Talk to us on the Fedora Cloud mailing list, or fire up your favorite IRC client and head to Freenode in the #fedora-cloud channel.