Mark Lamourine is working on an excellent series of posts that demonstrate how you’d use Kubernetes to run services using Docker containers. The latest is Kubernetes: Simple Containers and Services.

The most recent post explores creating the subsidiary services for a Pulp service within a Kubernetes cluster:

As mentioned elsewhere, Kubernetes is a service which is designed to bind together a cluster of container hosts, which can be regular hosts running the etcd and kubelet daemons or they can be specialized images like Atomic or CoreOS. They can be private or public services such as Google Cloud

For Pulp, I need to place a MongoDB and a QPID container within a Kubernetes cluster and create the infrastructure so that clients can find it and connect to it. For each of these I need to create a Kubernetes Service and a Pod (group of related containers).

Note that the latest post builds on this series:

Keep an eye on Mark’s blog “Under the Hood of Cloud Computing for future installments.